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This page can help you find the meaning of FPT failure codes.

A failure code normally consists of a Suspect Parameter Number (SPN) and a Failure Mode Index (FMI).
These codes might show on the display of the machine that is equipped with an FPT-industrial engine.

The best search result is obtained when all three fields are filled: Sofware version, SPN and FMI.
When no FMI available or no search result, try FMI = N.A.
When in doubt about software version, please look at the list below for hints, or choose "Unknown".

P1208 - EDC17C49 controller - F1C, Euro 6
P1603 - MD1CE101 controller - Stage V
P340 - EDC7UC31 controller - Stage 3A/3B, Tier 3, Tier 4i, Euro 4, Euro 5 Common rail
P591 - EDC17CP15 controller - F1C, older emission levels
P662VD - EDC17CV41 controller - Stage 4, Tier 4f old (FMI always 31 - 1F)
P662VH - EDC17CV41 controller - Stage 4, Tier 4f new
P662VH-E6C – EDC17CV41 controller – NEF Euro 6 step C
P910 - Denoxtronic controller - Stage 3B, Tier 4i, Euro 4, Euro 5

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